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【慕晴日常日記 #D2】原來我上年紀了嗎?!

【英文翻譯下收】 客倌們安安!(´ ∀ ` *) 希望這禮拜大家都過得很滿足! 最近,我發現我比平日更早上床睡覺!

然後我把這煩惱跟朋友傾訴, 但是他們給我的答案是.... "(ᓀ ᓀ)阿你以為你很年輕哦!上年紀了啦! 睡覺啦!" ∑(O_O;)阿?! 原來是年紀問題嗎?! 的確有聽過我家父親說他以前也蠻喜歡熬夜,

但是到了一定的年紀, 他幾乎沒辦法熬到晚上11點... 看來我漸漸變成了我討厭的"大人"的樣子(? 阿對了!這禮拜PF我的周邊會出現在SODAART的攤位喔! 攤位號碼是Q33和 Q34


預告一下新周邊! 呵呵!(„ಡωಡ„)

這次特別出了一個杯墊喔!!!! 大家記得來買喔!數量有限喔!

好了,觀察日記就先寫到這裡!我先去跟周公下棋嘍! ADIOS! 慕晴 10.30.2023 Hello, everyone!(´ ∀ ` *) I hope you all doing amazing this week!

Lately, I've noticed that I'm going to bed earlier than usual!

So, I shared this concern with my friends, and their response was...

"(ᓀ ᓀ) Oh, you think you're still young! You getting old! Go to sleep!"

∑(O_O;) Oh, really? Is it an age-related issue?

I have indeed heard my father mention that he used to enjoy staying up late, but at a certain age, he can hardly stay awake past 11 PM...

It seems like I'm gradually turning into the kind of "grown-up" I dislike(?


This week, my merchandise will be available at the SODAART booth!

The booth numbers are Q33 and Q34. Remember to drop by and get you some beautiful merch!

Let me give you a sneak peek of the new merchandise! Hehe!(„ಡωಡ„)

This time, we have a special coaster!!! Remember to grab one! Limited quantities available!

Alrighty! Imma pass out now! adios!

Muqing 10.30.2023

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